We believe that a rapidly evolving industry facing complex challenges demands unique, creative, and bespoke fundraising strategies to achieve success.

That’s why we reject the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and instead develop individually tailored solutions to showcase the strengths and differentiators of each client.

By accurately positioning our clients’ strategies and effectively communicating their capabilities to investors globally, we mitigate fundraising risks, improving our ability to consistently deliver successful results.

Our selective engagement with a limited number of assignments each year ensures that every client receives our full attention, ensuring alignment with their best interests.


We are a hand-picked, senior-heavy team comprised of individuals from the investor community and placement agents.

This brings valuable insider perspectives and a deep understanding of the investor landscape.

Our team is highly experienced, having advised clients across various asset classes, geographies, and economic cycles. We provide strategic advisory services spanning the entire lifecycle from pre-fundraising to beyond the final close.

We have built long-lasting relationships with the global institutional investment community. This network of trusted relationships, combined with extensive market knowledge, allows us to deliver a streamlined and efficient fundraising process, optimising both time and resources for our clients.


Our track record speaks to our commitment and effectiveness in delivering outstanding outcomes for our clients.

With a success rate of exceeding the hard cap on over 75% of funds closed, we are proud of our systematic global capital raising approach.

We believe our role extends beyond a one-off capital solution. We aim to be long-term business partners across multiple funds and cycles further increasing our capital-raising efficiency for our clients.

We believe our results position FirstPoint as a partner of choice for alternative asset managers seeking capital solutions on a global scale.